Our restaurant ´El Secreto de Loreto´ is our latest gem to share with you! The cuisine is Mediterranean and offers a wide variety of rice dishes such as Paella Valenciana, rice with lobster and rice with veal cheeks. Besides the rice dishes we also offer delicious fish plates such as Sea Bass, Emperor and Infused cod. All served with mouth-watering potatoes and freshly grilled vegetables. Carnivores, worry not, we´ve added several types of grilled meat such as Rib Eye and Sirloin and the Entrecote has quickly become the talk of the town! By now you´re probably already dialling the restaurant´s number to book, nonetheless we would also like to mention that if you´re looking to share some tapas, you´ve also got several excellent options such as the exquisite white prawns, the grilled sardines and the croquets. There are also quite a few vegetarian options and salads on the menu such as the Padron peppers, delicious patatas bravas and tasty salads. We know it will be hard, but do make sure you leave some space for a divine slice of homemade cheesecake or brownie!

If you have any allergies or intolerances, please let us know and we will happily talk you through the options.

Phone number El Secreto de Loreto: +34 966 05 33 75.